Case study: Transform Conference

Designing a conference website 4 years in a row

Transform top section

Of the three conferences I've designed websites for, Transform Conference was my favorite, perhaps because I had four years with it. Beyond the website, I was involved in the entire marketing process and collaborated with the Transform team to create and develop the brand.


As Converge’s flagship brand, I always felt that Transform needed the boldest brand. We heavily used a bright red color, large photos, and clean serif typefaces each year.

Transform responsive design GIF
Works on all the sizes

We found that a long, scrolling website style worked best for our conferences. Most site visitors want to know all the information they can about a website, not pick and choose pages to read information. I think that’s because many potential attendee look at all the factors (dates, pricing, location, speakers) at once when deciding whether they are interested.

We implemented a few cool behind-the-scene ideas, such as creating links to Transform-related videos that displayed the site when the video was over. Other ideas like background videos were great in concept but were shelved for use on other sites, like

These conference sites are very image heavy (especially with 25+ speakers' headshots, so I developed a system that did a mix of lossless and lossy image optimization to cut image size by up to 50% in some cases.

The speakers, tracks, workshops, and schedule sections
The speakers, tracks, workshops, and schedule sections

The evolution of Transform
The evolution of Transform from 2013-2016