Case study: Offcourt web app

A platform for tennis coaches to manage their players

Offcourt web app

Note: This is an ongoing project and there are certain aspects I am obligated to keep under wraps for the time being.

Offcourt is a platform that allows tennis coaches to keep tabs on their players. Players use the app daily to update their performance data and respond to questions set by the coaches, allowing both players and coaches to see how players are performing over time.

My group of three partnered with UCF assistant tennis coach Brandon Stokes to create this coaching platform. The goal of the app is to improve not just his players' tennis skills, but physical, mental, and emotional health, as each of these play just as big role.

The app is a one-stop shop for coaches to communicate with their players, with integrated chat and notifications. Our platform allows coaches to set triggers that analyze player performance and automatically send resources to players who are falling behind. For instance, it can recognize when a player hasn't been getting enough sleep in a week and will send that player resources and tips to improve their sleep.

Working with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails

Technically this project was also quite exciting. I was in charge of the responsive web app and we also are building an Android app for a more native experience. Tying it all together is a REST API to manage the data.

My responsibilities for product development included:

  • Designing and developing the web app (Ember.js)
  • Working with the lead tennis coach to turn ideas into good user experience
  • Designing API logic (Ruby on Rails)

This is an ambitious app and I can't wait to unveil it in the coming months.