Case study:

Side project in music curation

Landing section

In my most recent side project I created a website to host Spotiy playlists I curated mostly for my friends. I play in a few bands and I'm often asked what music I'm listening to. Now all I have to do is point people to a website. Is it overkill? Sure. Was it a fun excuse to build a website? Absolutely!

I started off creating 5 playlists based on mood and 6 playlists that served as an introduction to top indie bands. Next I just started building out the website and iterating on different ideas until I was left with a few cool style elements that I liked. Embedding Spotify playlists was pretty straightforward and it was nice that they respond to screen size automatically.


Simulating Soundwaves

Sounwave GIF
A fun surprise when you hover over the logo

The coolest design aspect of the site was this idea to scroll the soundwave in the logo as you hover over it. This took a bit banging my head on some CSS to get the look I wanted, but eventually it started to move pretty smoothly.

Landing section on mobile