Case study: Verses Project Volume I

Simple shapes, clean type, and gradients

Inspired in part by, I created four Bible verse visuals within a day or two in 2015. I was really into simple shapes, clean type, and gradients at the time. While nothing amazing, this simple little project was a good exercise in choosing the right symbols for a verse.

Genesis 1:2–3
This first design started in the form of a poster that used a few verses from Genesis 1. I took the most interesting element (the light shining) and the two verses that tied in to lay out this final image.

Matthew 28:19–20 (condensed)
This is one of my favorite verses and I love visualizing in my head Jesus speaking to his disciples on top of a mountain after he resurrected.

1 John 3:18
While I used Avenir Next as the typeface for the first three designs, I discovered Majesti Banner and knew I had to use it. At the time I had just started listening to Rivers and Robots and this verse is the main idea behind one of my favorites.

Isaiah 1:18
The main theme behind these verse visuals was to show stark contrast through color and shapes. The imagery in this verse is striking and honestly this simple design does it no justice. This one also came after hearing a Rivers and Robots song.